Thursday, September 2, 2010

505 Imports!

505 Imports is one of my most favorite stores in Lake Charles, LA. Their style and my style are spot on. They have heavy dark pieces. Bright painted pieces. And delicious fabrics. I have a deep resentment toward Dave Ramsey and his pay cash plan when I'm standing in that store sans credit card. Man-o-man would I buy that place out.

This piece is at the very top of Dave's kitchen wish list. He's always wanted a kitchen island. And his favorite is the style that looks like furniture. You know, more than the kind that's just a counter in the middle of the kitchen. If this had a butcher block top, it would be the ideal island for him. For me, I see storage! I could put my fantastic new turquoise Le Creuset pot on one of the shelves and stare at it all day.
Large Rustic Kitchen Island

My list is topped by this reclaimed teak square table. No two are alike. It'd be perfect for a kitchen nook. And I like the idea that the dinner table just hold everyone's plates. Second helpings can be kept on the kitchen counter. And yes, that does mean people will get up in the middle of a meal. But I have hopes it will also encourage everyone to finish their least favorite part before bothering to get up. (A mom can dream right?!)
The larger dinning table here

Another favorite of ours is this awesome red hutch. This is the smaller version, I think we'd need the larger one. I have a vast collection of Fiesta Ware and Crystal that has outgrown my already giant hutch. I really have a problem. I wonder if there is a pill for it? But in the meantime, I'd totally take one of these. It would add a perfect punch of color, don't you think?
Small French Cupboard

I love browsing through their site almost as much as the store. One of the owners has a fantastic blog about her travels and finding just the right pieces for their store. If you have a chance you should check it out.

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