Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Friday: Dressing Less

I don't mean I am dressing less. I mean there is less of me to dress. Woo! For the past little bit, I've been losing weight. And by little bit, I mean a year. And by weight, I mean 30 lbs! I welcome compliments and encouragement.

Go ahead and post some, I'll wait.

Thanks! I love you guys!

I still have plenty to lose before I hit my goal weight. (I even have a dream weight, I might try once I get down there.) Over all, I'm looking at another 40-50 lbs. It feels totally reachable at this point.

All that said, I'm running out of clothes. When you can pull your jeans down without undoing the button, it's time to move down.

So I've been doing a lot of browsing lately. And being Texan, there is a certain style I generally lean toward. It always involves jeans. The ultimate wash and wear clothing. And now they come with lifts and tucks. HANDY!

I stumbled upon this site: Urban Western It is almost stereotypical of the high of Texas fashion. Oh don't get me wrong some of those Austin girls seem to have a bit more California flare or New York chic, but for the most part, in Texas, you'll find chunky necklaces, blouses and a pair of boots, especially in the fall.

Found here
I love the dark jeans, cute little top with the front pockets, and, of course, the big pendant necklace! They'll be a couple like her at the foodball games tonight. (Go Lions!)

Found here
This is a very popular Texas girl's choice. Classic white button down, faded jeans, boots, and the chucky necklace.

Found here
LOVE THIS! She's going to the rodeo (pronounced: Roe-D-Oh). I'm not sure I could pull off that shade of brown, but the detail on the shirt is down right purdy. And I certainly can't get my hair to do that back combed make you taller thing that's so popular.

Wish I could.

But check out that belt buckle and how it goes great with the necklace. I love turquoise!

Good luck to all the kids at the football games tonight. My high school is playing their favorite rival today. It should be a lot of fun. I wish I could be there!


  1. I love a big belt buckle! Must be the southern girl in me. I love your new blog, Katie! Totally cute!

  2. You go, with the less to dress! I realize how hard that is, what with all these fab food blogs and such. but, good work!